Management Services

Platinum provides the experience needed to effectively manage and operate your Association. We help ensure that the association and its Board of Directors complies with all relevant laws and regulations. 



Financial Accounting

We will keep accurate financial records and transactions for your Association. This includes tracking income and expenses, reconciling accounts, and preparing monthly financial statements.

Property Maintenance

We coordinate maintenance and repairs for the association’s common areas and amenities. These areas in your community will be well-maintained in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Vendor Relations

Effective vendor management requires identifying and selecting reputable and reliable vendors, managing contracts, evaluating performance, maintaining high-quality services, minimizing costs, and ensuring quality and timely delivery of goods and services.

Meeting Preparations

Our managers coordinate and prepare for regular meetings, budget meetings, elections, and all other types of meetings. We will create and distribute agendas, minutes, and proposals in order to facilitate efficient and effective discussions and decisions.

Covenant Enforcement

Our job is to ensure that all community members comply with the association’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions by monitoring for violations, investigating complaints, and taking appropriate enforcement action when necessary.

Access Control

Our managers work to coordinate community access such as keys, cards, permits, and transponders. We maintain a detailed database for resident and vendor access to ensure up to date information.

Document Digitalization

We provide digitalization of the large number of documents the Association holds in their records. We will convert paper documents into electronic format, allowing for more cost-effective storage, and easier organization and retrieval.